What chills me the most about the health care reform issue is not the clear loss of choice and liberty that will arise out of this bill and it’s not the economic problems, though they will be vast, that will arise from manipulating this market and spending on this level.  The real danger that chills my core is that these folks are willing to disregard fundamental rights to accomplish this illegal goal.  It’s bad enough that healthcare reform in almost all forms (there are a few legal ways to fix things that are being ignored) is unconstitutional but the real kicker is the attempts to squash debate through restriction of free speech!

The courts have been clear that government cannot burden or chill free speech under the 1st amendment and that such speech can be anonymous.  These government officials and their supporters are not debating this issue but instead attacking the speakers who this time happen to be normal Americans and not public figures!  Politicians are so use to trashing whoever opposes them under the guise that public officials are fair game that they don't know how to respond to valid concerns by the people!

The people are not public figures and do not deserve and in fact are protected from such aggression under the first amendment and yet the Obama administration is calling for supporters to report those who stand against them and forward to the Whitehouse a list of dissenters.  The congresswoman from California has called those who oppose her unpatriotic and others call them fear mongers and other horrible names.  These are citizens exercising their free speech!  Now they are being demonized and put at risk through public assault by political officials, pushed around by police and security on tax payer dimes... this is the government using our money to silence us and it is a scary prospect that not even the first amendment is sacred if it threatens their agenda!  

Americans need to wake up and smell the roses.  This government and the Democratic Party (and many in the republican party for that matter) have decided that our rights are granted as favors from their hand to be repealed or ignored and oppressed at will.  That is not rule of law!  That is not protection.  We must stand now and forever and tell them that we will give in and we will shut up.  We will stand and claim those rights that are higher than any government and that any government which opposes those rights is subject to be ignored and if the situation becomes extreme overthrown for their disregard of natural rights of man.  They must know that we have the courage to do whatever necessary because if we don't have that courage we will lose those rights.  The founders warned us again and again... it's time to head the warning.

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