Man is a natural contradiction conflicting with himself continuously.  We hold high standards of grandeur.   We lift the standard of morality by establishing great ideals which stand for all that we hold with esteem.  We speak in volumes of justice and liberty of goodness and honor.  We lift high mythical heroes for their character of self sacrifice and noble causes.  We seek designation among men by betraying what comes natural to us and seek to earn other approval through an ability to defy our nature.  We all wear masks and behave as none would in a vacuum.  Does the trained circus animal behave for his own pleasure or for the approval of others?  Are we so different then them?  We all wear masks.  Sweeping remarks about mankind are difficult and few true for men are all different and no two are alike.  There is seemingly always an exception to the rules when it comes to human behavior but I believe there are a few universal truths.  We all lie.  We all wear masks and hide ourselves.  This is not as bad as it sounds at first.  We must lie for there is no choice.  Hiding ourselves is the natural thing to do for it is required for survival.  Man is quick to judge others and too lazy to gather adequate information to do so.  We judge each other quickly without second thought or appeal.  We sit every day in judgment of those around us with utter disregard for our own failing of the standard to which we hold them.  We look not at the soul within but to the acts which most dominate in our memory.  Through colored glasses we see a life and make assumptions and judgments based upon a flawed and limited perspective.  We must wear masks, we must lie for if we are to be constantly judged based on what we can control then there is no rational choice.  For if one can pretend to be all that is thought of as good then those who do not pretend can have no chance of success.  Because we all must pretend and hide our weaknesses accentuating our strengths every second of every day to avoid the ever constant judgment of all of our peers and others who act without knowledge or thought judging forever with a seconds incite.  This pressure forces us all to play and since we all play our ideals of acceptable behavior is morphed from that which good men would naturally do to that which only good men could do, at least in theory, because if everyone is pretending to be that which suites their desires best then none is honest and no standard is true but that which can only be attained by some for if all could fain or even if one could fain then the standard is broken and of no use.  Therefore we create an unobtainable standard that none can reach and raise an idea that we can never live.  A theory which can never be reality but which must stand as law because of the utter chaos that comes from the ever present fraud.  We can not judge a man we can not see and we can see no one unless they want to be seen.  If the standard is too high then none wish to be seen and all will fain to meet the standard but all will fail for none can attain the standard through fraud which substantiates the standard but also makes it unobtainable.   It is a ruthless cycle which can never be broken where by no living soul can truly know another for fear that they are unacceptable.  Even those in love must keep their secrets in order to maintain respect in their eyes.  It is a world where truth is a weakness to be exploited by all for their own satisfaction and where reality is so unknown it is seen as a pipe dream.  Anyone who refuses this game will ultimately lose it even without their consent for there is no option.  There are no exceptions and no reformation of the rules.  The problem arises though that it is not the one that truly attempts to attain the high standards of society that wins the game as is though subconsciously by many but instead it is he who appears to be closest to the standards while ignoring those most.  The person who can be farthest from the standard without being caught is he who will reign in this endless game.  The rules are misleading in this game which requires all players to lie and cheat but the rules must be upheld as complex as that is.  What rules apply when cheating is required however? This question is seductively simple but impossible to answer for it is more about getting caught than about playing by the rules.  The rules can not be broken but cheating is required because to win you must break the basic rules that are told and follow those which are unspoken.  You must defy the order while not getting caught and never concede.  Is this the game we really wish to play?  I think not but our lofty ideas mixed with out weakness and laziness give us little room for retort.  We are bound to this cycle where the heroes are those who act like they embody our ideals most while not actually abiding by them and those who do in fact embody those ideals go unnoticed and neglected.  The saints are those who draw attention best to their actions which lead us to see in them qualities we adore and long for while they do not have those qualities at all but merely fain them better than most while the true saints in their humility are left in obscurity.  It is a cruel world that seems to contradict itself yet we lift up those who know how to play the game while those who should in all fairness win the match are left in the back of the pack consumed by those who pretend.  It is a simply analogy.  Those who train to race will always be beat by those who learn to run only the last length of the race through deception.  Is it the sprinter who trains every day or the one who hides in wait?  Is it the devoted or the one willing to take drugs? Is it the best man or the one who will break whatever laws and life is necessary to reach his goal?  Is it the hard worker or the worker with leverage on his boss that is promoted most quickly?  If only we recognized the true state of affairs and looked beyond the fronts that are shown and see the man behind the mask; the character within.  It is not the man within but the actions that define a man, however, it is all the actions and their timing, location and motivation.  We often miss the most important parts and see only the actions before our eyes not realizing that they are being done only for the benefit of our eyes while missing the more impressive acts which are done when no one sees.  It is the secret that reveals the obvious and not the obvious that reveals the secret.  It is the secret acts that show the heart for the mind is cunning and the heart is wise but when no one sees that truth is revealed.  When the eyes are all turned away we find ourselves in a vacuum where we can make our own decision based on our own conscience rather than based on what will benefit us most when it is made public.  It is the inward desires that drive us and not the outward behavior that covers them.  The most corrupt and the most pure often have these two things in common.  They often both look the same to observers and they often work very hard to shift attention from the bulk of what they do.  The very good focus on their faults and magnify them to improve while the very corrupt hide their filth under layers of good deeds.  This is the order of man and this is the bane of all society. 


Throughout history the single greatest problem with democracy has always been personal responsibility and morality.   Without personal responsibility and morality the masses will eventually realize the power they hold to benefit themselves at the cost of others.   Democracy, especially representative democracy, slips easily into cleptocracy.  It sits on a precipice with a slippery slope on one side.  Tyranny of the majority is a term associated with democracy in the past, with just cause.  Another great once said that democracy lasts only until the masses realize they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury; is this not true? 

                The United States experiment with democracy has lasted as long as it has because it was built around a culture, civilization and religion that supported individual rights, individual property, individual responsibility and individual morality.  This cultural norm set standards not codified in the law but adhered to by the masses and the elites alike.  The independence and self reliance allowed for government of the people and by the people to run relatively uncorrupted by privet interests. What happens if the majority of constituents loses the fundamental principles and instead develops an entitlement mindset?  When the many feel that the responsibility that their parents and grandparents welcomed as part of freedom is now the realm of government then we see the growth of government and codification and a decrease in personal morality and responsibility.   Democracy was not meant to function in such a world of excess and blame.  Democracy requires self government to function properly and cannot long survive when the people refuse to bind themselves to a moral code and solid work ethic. 

                Business, politics, religion these are things which cannot be viewed in a bubble.  Economics is not simply the study of how people make business transactions but in essence how they live their lives.  You cannot subscribe to beliefs of freedom and simultaneously acquiesce your risks and responsibility away to another.  You cannot enslave yourself for the comfort of living without responsibility and then not work and serve that master without freedom.  Physics will not be mocked and every action will have its reaction.   If you can separate your life and rationalize your behavior then you will never have to accept any responsibility.  If each aspect of life is its own sphere then there can be no black and white, no absolutes.  When man is free to do as he wishes without constraint; when morality is not binding and there is no higher standard then there is not code of laws and no enforcement agency that can maintain the rights of all.  Man naturally infringes on the rights of others unless he reveres their rights as essential for his own.  Respect for the rights of all as intertwined with your own is the glue of democracy that allows it to solidify and maintain itself as a viable government.  When men become complacent and no longer respect the value of their own rights and are willing to give them away for comfort or safety and when men fail to realize that their rights are only as sure as the rights of the weakest citizen in their society then they have lost the necessary knowledge and understand for democracy and it will not long survive.  Democracy is a delicate phenomenon and cannot endure the loss of structure which comes from an understanding of the fundamental principles and premises which allow it to operate.  To erode individual responsibility and morality is to undercut the very pillars on which our way of life stands.  To separate morality and religion; to separate our higher laws from our secular lives is to destroy a foundation of responsibility and control which cannot be synthesized and cannot be duplicated.  A free society cannot stand when its citizens do not understand the duties of free men.


Which is more important making a differece for good at any cost using any means or being utterly defeted accomplishing nothing but in defeat having the knowledge that you gave it your all and lost only becuase you refused to comprimise your principles?

I generally believe in the fruit of the poisonous tree principle... a legal doctrin that if there is for example an illegal search then anything found in that such is inadmissible but also anything that comes after that that could be a result of that search or the knowledge of anything found in that search is inadmissble too becuase it is a result of the illegal search... can that be applied to life in general... or is it too stringent?  Can the end result ever be seen alone.. or is it only as good as the worst thing that had to be done to accomplish it?  I just don;t know


So much of life is what you make of it.  We tend to be more takers than givers in the situations which make our lives but while we may not have a lot of say in a lot of what we get we have a huge power.  How we react.  How we react to the things that happen to us and around us makes such a huge difference in how things seem and how things turn out.  God works all things to the good of those who seek him... that's something we say but I know I never really grasp it or count on it a whole lot.. I mean sometimes its comforting but it should really be more.  I tend to be too... up tight I mean so much of what happens day to day isn't a big deal unless we make it one... habits, norms are more important.  What is important is that we learn to do right and that we make a habit of it.  What is important is that we learn to do good and be generous and make a habit of it.  What is important is that we are kind and learn to trust God and that we make a habit of it.  WOW that's so hard to do though! at least for me.  Its so much easier to focus on single events than to look at trends... and setting trends... that's even harder.  Anyway I guess what I'm saying is... don't take life too seriously because you'll never get out alive... but at the same time it is deadly serious because how you act today is building who you will be tomorrow... if that makes any sense... I've really had to learn to relax and not be to serious about everything and I still am working on that cause I'm still a little too up tight but at the same time I have to be very careful about where I allow myself to be more lose...its important to know the difference between what matters in the grand scheme and what doesn't... of all the things I have tried to learn that is about the most difficult and continues to be...right up there with understanding why people do the things they do {especially you girls :D}... well that's my babble session for today I hope you enjoyed :D
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Happiness 04/28/2009

A well known political philosopher said that we, social man, live only in the minds of men. How true this may be. We long to be those who are admired by all. We would rather be miserable and popular than happy and obscure. Many people claim to be individuals above the fray not caring what anyone thinks but the irony is those who lay such claims admit to be only hypocrites for their declaration shows that they do in fact care. These people who claim to be independent of the thoughts of man lie to themselves and everyone else. They envy those who appear free from the pressures of social life and so they pretend that they too are free so that people will envy them. Who is truly free? I say it is the man who can turn down all power and wealth in secret and never tell a soul because he is certain that these things do not equate to happiness. It is not the homeless man or the CEO but it is the man who is humble enough to acknowledge his limits and to be satisfied with good instead of best. Who is truly happy? It is the man who does the right thing and never claims credit because the one who claims credit is not free. Credit binds us to the minds of man and feeds the hunger of vanity. Success is not the enemy nor is money or fame or power but it is the love of these things. It is the uncontrolled desire to either gain or escape these things. It is required that one become neutral to these things to be truly happy. Wealth and power are good things that all should hope for but for them to make you happy they must be a byproduct of other action because when they become a motive even subconsciously then you have become a slave and your freedom will vanish as will you happiness. Have I bowed out of the rat race? No, I still want to rule the world but at least I am aware of the race. At least I will be able to see when it is time to bow out, concede and live happily for the rest of my life. Happiness isn't dependent upon success but instead on knowing which success to abandon and which to chase. The young man who doesn't dream of playing professional sports or of, well ruling the world, hasn't had the joy of hope the trick is being able to look in hindsight and be happy you tried and failed. The real kicker is when you get there. When you get where everyone wants to be and you realize that it isn't any better. That's the real problem because then there is nothing to hope for and you realize that happiness is a fraud, no different than the tooth fairy but your wrong and will never know it. Happiness is real it just has nothing to do with the happenings around you. The question is this… can you choose obscure happiness over miserable fame, Power, Money… if you can then you will be happy and if you can't then you won't and the achievements you make have nothing to do with it. Some will succeed and some will fail and many in both groups will be happy and many will be miserable. Life is funny isn't it?



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