I think this bill is an absolute invasion of our privacy and a danger to our liberty.  This basically steps in on state territory and requires states to redo their system of driver’s licenses in a way to give federal authorities a biometric search database of every American…  This is a tragedy, it is dangerous for government to track every human in the nation and no real system good can come from it.  Historically national programs such as this simply give a means to perpetrate great wrongs against liberty and freedom and we should fight this program!  The bill went through in 2005 but states have stonewalled it now the Obama administration is trying to revive it and amend it to make sure the states comply.  Contact your congressmen and tell them to repeal in total the Real ID act and not to support any version or similar bill.  The real ID act opens a dangerous capability for the federal government that it doesn’t need and can’t use for any real wide spread beneficial purpose.  The risk of abuse of such a database is way higher than any potential benefit it could offer.  This would allow them to run a photo from a rally and ID each person via computer database biometric search and record and keep track of movements, behavior and many other aspects of privet life without our knowledge.  The government has done these things in the past and we can’t fool ourselves into thinking they won’t again.  Given the stance of the current administration given some of the definitions and warnings from the department of homeland security this system would make it a cakewalk to monitor movements like the T.E.A. party movement or the Minute man Project and other legal and just movements which have already been marked by some in this administration as “potential terrorist”.

I'm not a fear monger I simply asking that we realize the real possible risks here and compare them to any possible benefit.  

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