Cap and Trade? I Think Not

Cap and Trade is nothing but a new taxation program that will drive up the costs of energy.  Normal poor and middle class Americans will face higher priced goods, higher utility costs coming up into the thousands of dollars per year.  This is not to mention that we will be at a new disadvantage in the global economy.  If domestic use of energy is taxed then goods produced abroad will become cheaper than domestic goods and out imports will climb and domestic production will slow.  This bill will be a huge success, relatively speaking, if it creates 1 job for every 5 we lose because of it!

Obama has the Gaul to lie to the American people and talk about green energy  job creation without mentioning the thousands of jobs we will lose in the fossil fuel industry like Coal and Gas.  He doesn't mention the jobs that will be lost due to higher electricity costs and the black outs or brownouts that might occur if the power companies can't recoup the new taxes added to their coal power plants.  He doesn't mention the loses of jobs due to the relative price changes between the US who will now be taxing energy use compared to nations without those taxes... like most of the world!!!  He is destroying what competative advantage we have left in the global market by taxing us even more on our production!!!

This man doesn't understand business and he doesn't understand the economy!

Meanwhile, he wants to deal with the immigration issue through amnisty... HOW CAN WE TAKE IN UNSKILLED LABOR IF WE ARE TAXING INDUSTRY WITH NEW ENERGY TAXES!!??  We don't have enough jobs for the unskilled labor we have and we are trying to add HUGE new tax hights to just those industries... WE CANT ABSORB THAT MANY LABORERS!!!!  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE MR OBAMA!

Call your congressman and tell them what a bad idea all of this is.  They are bankrupting this nation as quickly as they can. 

10 million new unskilled laborers through immigration "Reform" or amnisty.

tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs lost due to new taxes on energy driving unskilled labor out of work

Trillions of dollars worth of new government spending on healthcare (Much of which will go to those new illegal immigrants).

How will our economy ever absorb this!?  IT CAN"T IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!
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