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So this topic was just on my mind tonight so let’s start a discussion on the topic and see if it leads anywhere.


I am a creationist... not because I am a "faith based nut" but because after rational evaluation I find that it takes less faith to believe in a designer than to believe the alternative theories.  


First, I find it easier to believe that the present rules where established by some order rather than by chance because that would explain why the laws of thermodynamics and other rules of science such as Pastures law don't preclude our presence.  Simply, if we assume that the present state of things is constant than not only could we reverse engineer the process that creates lives and changes that life but we should be able to recreate it.  WE CAN NOT... therefore it is easier for me to believe that the laws are established and where set aside rather than to believe the alternative which is either that there are exceptions to the laws we don't understand (Which allows for intelligent design by virtue of our lack of understanding) or in the alternative that our laws are not constant and therefore any effort to find a solution to why we are hear or anything in the past or future for that matter is irrelevant.  Either way precludes the assumption that we understand the natural course of events because frankly given our current body of knowledge we can't explain why we are here without assuming some suspension of the laws that govern our universe and it gives me comfort to think that this suspension was intentional and with purpose rather than random chance... 

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