My most recent read was The Appeal.  While I did not enjoy it quite as much as some of Grisham's older work it is still a great read.  A legal political thriller the story line riveting and sadly from my experience it is very true to life.  I have to say working in plaintiffs law firms for a few years I could have written a story like this without a lot of imagination.  This book hit so close to home I think I may not be the best judge but I highly recommend you give it a shot.  If nothing else you will get an interesting perspective on our political system and how it effects our legal system.  The book has everything from corruption and special interest to heroic trial lawyers and evil corporations lol everything you have come to expect from John Grisham.  While I didn't like it as much as the King of Torts The Broker, or The Rainmaker its still a worthwhile read if you need some fiction and enjoy a good legal/political thriller.  

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