I am a student who presently lives in Northern Virginia.  I attended a State University in North Alabama for Undergrad and now I am at George Mason for Law School.  

I grew up in the country but originally I'm from Chicago.  I have been in Alabama most of my life however.  I love this country but I am fearful for our future.  Poor decisions are putting us in a dangerous position and politicians are focusing too much on today and to little on tomorrow sacrificing our future for our present.   I want to change that!  I want to help wake people up to help them see that  we should not have the attitude "feast today for tomorrow we die" such is irresponsible and stupid! 

Together we can reform this nation back to the bastion of liberty it once was but the only way to do that is through educating ourselves on the issues and trusting in individuals to make good choices.  People must be responsible for there own failures and achievements because such is the foundation of liberty. 

I work hard and try to do whats right.  My Dad taught me well in the short time I had with him before he was taken by Kidney Cancer at the  age of 50 when I was a teenager.  He was a good man and I owe much of my character to him.

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